Earlier this week, we published chapter 1 of our brand new Breath of the Wild walkthrough. This walkthrough is based entirely on the footage released by Nintendo this week and our team’s experience playing the demo first hand at E3 2016. The first chapter leads up to the first Shrine of Trial.

Today, we’ve published the second chapter of our walkthrough, covering that first Shrine: the Shrine of Oman Au. This mini-dungeon introduces the new Magnesis rune, an item that allows you to move metallic objects.


We will be adding more guides for Breath of the Wild on a regular basis, and of course we will have a complete walkthrough when the game is released in March 2017.

Our team is constantly working on new guides for the entire Legend of Zelda series. We have just recently published new guides for Twilight Princess HD, and we have updated guides for A Link to the Past and other games on the way. I encourage you to check out our growing collection of guides. 

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    Well made!

    Part of the trial can also be solved by carrying one of the plates from the first room (where you get Magnesis) over the fence that blocks your way. After this, you can use the plate as a ramp. Bill Trinen did it his video with Katie Wilson and Nate Bihldorff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sYTaru5RhA (31:00 and on). You gain nothing by doing this, but it’s fun that even the game’s first shrine has alternate solutions.