Chapter 1: The Awakening
  1. 1.1 The Awakening
  2. 1.2 The Resurrection Tower

1.1The Awakening

Our team is at E3 2016 this week to bring you details about the recently announced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This guide will be updated continuously as we learn more details.

The game begins with Link awakening in a strange cave wearing nothing more than a pair of shorts. A voice prompts you to approach a pedestal and pick up a slate, the Sheikah Slate. You can use it to activate similar pedestals around the world.

guide-botw-ch1-06Walk into the next room to find two treasure chest. One contains a pair of pants and the other contains a shirt. Equip both to improve your defense, then continue forward to find a second pedestal. Activate it with the Sheikah Slate to continue forward.

In the next area, jump on to the wall, climb to the top and exit the cave.

1.2The Resurrection Tower

Walk outside to see an old man waking down a hill. Follow him to his camp and speak to him to learn a little more about where you are.

Follow the path and explore the area. After a couple of minutes, the voice you heard in the cave will speak to you again and point you toward a new area. Follow the advice of the voice and head towards a rocky area. There, you will find another pedestal.

Insert the Sheikah Slate into the pedestal to activate a large tower, the Resurrection Tower. When it is fully activated, the voice will again tell you more about who you are and where you are. In particular, you will learn about The Calamity, Ganon.

Climb down the tower and the old man will meet you; he arrives using a paraglider. Your discussion with him reveals new information about the Resurrection Tower and special shrines that have appeared at the same time.


In order to continue towards Hyrule Castle and The Calamity, you need the paraglider. The old man agrees to give you the paraglider if you bring him the treasure hidden in the nearby shrine.

Head towards the shrine and enter Shrine Oman Au.

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