Breath of the Wild has the biggest development team ever to work on a Nintendo title, according to Eiji Aonuma in an interview with GameSpot on Thursday. We have already covered the over 100-person-strong team from Monolith Soft contributing to development, and according to Aonuma, he has never worked with a bigger team.

Death Mountain

However, having such a large team can be problematic. Aonuma states that, “When you have this many people, you may say the same thing to everybody, but everyone has a different perspective on it.” He goes on to say that one of the greatest challenges is making sure everyone has a shared vision on how the game should be. Aonuma also told Wired that he incorporated a different set of programmers into Breath of the Wild’s team: “This is a group of people who have studied triple-A games, and researched and dissected what kind of elements we can add to Nintendo games to create experiences like that.”

In a final question from GameSpot, Aonuma was asked about the length if the game. He explained that while players will traditionally complete Zelda titles 100%, it will be very difficult to do in Breath of the Wild. He added, “At least, nobody on the development staff has done that yet.”

Could such a large and diverse team mean great things for not only the new Zelda title but Nintendo’s future? Or will having so many voices contributing to only one game spell disaster?