Interviews with Aonuma keep pouring in, and this time Aonuma talked with GameStop about Breath of the Wild. In this interview, he states that completing a 100% run on this game will be significantly more difficult to achieve than in previous iterations in the series.

“In the past, there’s the idea of getting 100 percent, getting all of the items and armor. Fans of past Zelda games have done that. But I really think it’s going to be difficult with this iteration. At least, nobody on the development staff has done that yet. There may be very skilled players that can do it quickly, so I really can’t tell, but it’s very big.”

This is just another indication of how big the world in the new Zelda game is. It makes me think of Xenoblade Chronicles X, which also has a very big world and has lots of missions to complete. Hopefully Breath of the Wild will also be having extensive and fun side-quests to do as well.