In an interview with Wired, Eiji Aonuma has told how Breath of the Wild saw series executive producer Shigeru Miyamoto take more of a background role, allowing Aonuma to create something he really wanted. It’s the first Zelda title where its creator has handed over the reigns of day-to-day development responsibility to Aonuma.

“I’m actually the one who was the most affected by Miyamoto taking a step back, because now I have to take on all the responsibilities of Zelda,” he said. But with a CV as impressive as Aonuma’s, he naturally relished the opportunity to take the initiative. “I thought, hey, this is my chance to create something I really want to create!”

Not that the godfather of modern video games is completely out of the picture. He is rightly an important inspiration to the development team. “Miyamoto is God,” Aonuma says. “So even when I say, hey, this is what I think should be done, they’ll always question: ‘Well, what would Miyamoto say?’” Aonuma also tells how Miyamoto still played an important role in shaping the early direction of the game. “Up until about two years ago, Miyamoto actually had a lot of comments and advice about Breath of the Wild,” he says.

It sounds like this will be the most ‘Aonuma’-flavored Zelda game we’ll have seen thus far, but Miyamoto’s magic will still be doing its thing in the game’s foundations. Based on the the tiny percentage of the game we’ve seen so far, it absolutely looks like it’s shaping up to be a winning formula.