12 times bigger than Twilight Princess. That’s how big Breath of the Wild’s map is. The map above represents the area playable in the E3 demo. This, according to Nintendo, is not even two percent of the overall map size.

Here is what the map looks like when you zoom out.


This game is huge, filled with life, and free for you to explore in true open world style. According to Aonuma, they removed most people, villages and story elements in this demo so even with the teeming wildlife, enemies, landmarks, and the hundred shrines, there is more.

This could turn out to be the most vast and expansive Zelda game in size and content.

The excitement this game has garnered today is through the roof. What about you?

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  • Dan0709

    I can’t WAIT to look at the rest of the characters’ designs and what the story actually IS. Specilaly to confirm its place in the timeline… this is already great but i want the cherry at the top of the cake

  • Shona

    I’m loving what I’m seeing so much just in this demo area, and that’s knowing that we’re not getting to see much about the characters and story. Can’t wait to explore towns and talk to people and learn about the story. I hope that the world is steeped in culture and story and that the towns and people will be just as fun to explore and interact with as the landscape in the demo.

    • JaidynReiman

      I just hope there’s recurring characters, personally. Major and minor. And even some new. That’s my biggest hope for this game.

      • Guardian181188

        They should give us a camera again, and have us take photos of the enemies, like in Wind Waker, and have that secret Nintendo Island, with all the figurines.

        I’d also love to be able to be a delivery man, and see the other delivery man, like from OoT.

        The Deku Tree has to make an appearance.

        Perhaps the Sheikah are in the flying fortress, in cyrogenic chambers 😉

        Who else should make an appearance?
        From any Zelda

  • DimensionalRanger

    I forgive Nintendo for the long wait.

  • Andrew Defty

    This might be the last game produced for the Wii U, but folk will still be playing it for a very long time after the NX hits the shelves…

    As little as 2%! 12 times bigger than TP map! Massive!

    Nintendo are truly forgiven for taking there time… It looks stunning, and full to the brim with stuff to discover round every corner, and over each hill.
    Think next March is going to seem farther away that it is now.

    Many wont like the new formula, but I for one love it!

    • Guardian181188

      I believe it’s been stated that the map is over 300sqmi

  • Judah Guerrero

    So happy that Link stayed a MALE

    • Zack Kirback

      Honestly, as a lifelong fan (I was born in 84 so grew up with the series), I would have been fine if they decided to make it an option, but with the creation of Linkle, they can include her as playable and not change Link.

      On one hand, the option to make Link female is a good idea, on the other it is unnecessary.

      • Stian Karlsen

        That is the thing, i would actually be fine with a female link, but not with choosing.

        I have often said to my friends there is no reason the hero of time couldnt incarnate into a female child, which is why im fine with the idea of a female link. As long as its a full game, and not just an unlockable extra.

        However, i feel there is no real plausable reason behind giving the player the choice. Not one any avid fan would buy anyway. It would make links gender “irrelevant” in the story perspective. And if there is a story to be told, the gender of the characters involved arent irrelevant enough to be swapped at the players whim.

        I’m all down for a female link, but dont make it an irrellevant choice, make it a story tailored to her and her unique version of the hero of time.

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