Confirming once more that Nintendo really does listen to feedback from their fans, Eiji Aonuma discussed in an interview with Polygon how user reactions to Skyward Sword influenced the development of Breath of the Wild.

“A lot of the fans that played Skyward Sword said that they were really bummed out that they couldn’t find the hidden element of the game. A lot of the users, when they looked at the map, they said, ‘OK, there’s these places I can go, but how come I can’t go over here?’ A lot of Zelda fans are the type of people that really like to explore those hidden elements. I realized that creating this bigger world and letting them freely play may be the solution to all of that.”

While Skyward Sword is a game that was adored by many, including myself, it certainly was lacking in the free exploration department, especially in comparison to Twilight Princess. The different provinces and areas were so strictly divided that it likely felt restricting to players who wanted to explore all of the areas in between.

“I’ve always thought that when creating a 3D game where it’s easy for users to get lost, it’s really important to tell the users what they need to do, but then, after creating this larger world, I realized that getting lost isn’t that bad. Having the option to do whatever you want and get lost is actually kind of fun. I think fans that enjoy a more linear type of gameplay will also enjoy this type of gameplay.”

Given that Aonuma says that players will have the option to extensively explore suggests that there will also be sufficient clues to point your adventure in certain directions, for those of us who may get discouraged when we feel lost in the vast world of Breath of the Wild. Aonuma continued on to seemingly confirm that there will be no motion controls for Breath of the Wild, something which may come as a disappointment to fans of the gameplay in Skyward Sword.

“Fans that enjoyed the motion controls in Skyward Sword may actually be a little bit disappointed playing this game.”

It would’ve been fun to have the option to play with the Wii U gamepad, Pro Controller, or Wii remote. Either way, lets hope that those that enjoyed the motion controls of Skyward Sword aren’t turned away by Breath of the Wild‘s lack thereof, given that this new game has so many new experiences to offer. Also, who knows what different gameplay features the NX version of Breath of the Wild may reveal.