Zelda Universe are finally proud to present act one of our third dub project, Wind Waker: The Movie!

After holding auditions in March on Behind The Voice Actors, and working our way through the 900-plus auditions that were submitted, we have 30 cast members voicing over 50 characters in this major movie dub project.

Directed by ZU’s own media leader Alex Trevino, act one lasts 37 minutes, focusing on the opening prologue, as well as the early events on Outset Island and the Forsaken Fortress familiar to fans of the game. We’re introduced to the main characters: Link, Aryll, and of course Tetra, as well as meeting a variety of other colourful characters along the way.

The cast for act one comprises:

  • James Burton (Narrator)
  • Rachael Finewood (Aryll)
  • Kathy Pfautsch (Tetra)
  • Melody Muzljakovich (Grandma)
  • Zach Schloss (Gonzo)
  • Tyler Fultz (Niko)
  • Brandon Acosta (Quill)
  • Erik Olund (Orca)

Additional voices provided by: Samuel Martinez, Gussie Rivercomb, and Bryan Arthurs. Sachi Masumoto provides the original voice clips of Link.

Act one premiered on June 10, and acts 2-4 will be released this summer between June and August. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to watch the subsequent parts of the movie as they’re released!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZH33eKHRdg]