A new mod for the Super Smash Bros. series seems to be making the rounds online. Those savvy about competitive Smash.are probably familiar with the Project M mod for Brawl, and it seems that this new mod for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has a similar premise in mind. For the uninitiated, Project M was a mod that aimed to make Brawl more competitively viable and fast-paced in the same vein as Melee. It included character balances and additions, new costumes, and changes to various stages, among other things.

This new mod, dubbed Super Smash Bros: Reloaded seemingly strives to accomplish many of the same things as Project M, however, Reloaded creator and modder Y.2.K has stressed that the mod is not meant to be a spiritual successor to Project M. He has stated that “This is simply a mod that I want to do to express myself and show off what I can do to the community.”

Below is a list of both the current additions to the original game:

  • A custom title screen.
  • A stage called “Space Battlefield” by A Jewel of Rarity. Y.2.K says that “it’s normal battlefield, but in SPAAAAAAAACE!”
  • “Hazardless” versions of stages Midgar, Jungle Hijinks,, DreamLand 64, Castle Siege, Hyrule Castle 64 and Norfair by Drake Blight (Y.2.K warns that the latter stage currently has some bugs to work out).

These are additions planned for the future:

  • One custom costume for every character.
  • A custom and more clean user interface.
  • Improvements in menu functionality.
  • A “tournament-legal Big Battlefield”.
  • More “hazardless”/”legal” versions of stages.
  • Custom music and sounds.
  • A custom announcer, and more.

The latest update for Super Smash Bros: Reloaded also makes it playable in Europe. If you’re at all curious about the mod, you can check it out over on GameBanana.

Do you see yourself giving this mod a try now or in the near future?

  • OSB999

    YES!!!! Just copy over everything PM already has and build upon it!

    • memk

      yea no. Its almost like you’ve never heard of Brawl+ since this follows that more.

  • Pixxz

    I really disappointed in this. Smash 4 shouldn’t be modded to make it more competitive. It’s fine the way it is. People really need to get over melee.

    • Asce Blayze

      all they’re basically doing is taking the stupid hazards out of the stages, they’re not trying to make it like Melee, calm down

    • memk

      Sounds like you weren’t good at melee/didn’t grow up with it.

      • Pixxz

        I grew up with Melee. Smash 4 is just a better game. Melee is clunky and glitchy. Smash 4 is the best smash game we’ve gotten. The only people who would disagree are people who still cling to Melee for no reason.

        • citosiul

          I love both games but I disagree with you about it being a “better” game it’s just modern and that’s what you prefer (for smash other games I have no idea.) It’s not clunky most of the time the “clunky” parts makes it more realistic at least then smash 4. Glitchy sure but that’s what made it competitive and fun so you shouldn’t be disappointed you have no reason to be. People have past melee and if they haven’t they watch/play melee. People just want another different and/or competitive smash. I think you just can’t understand ones point of view (not just mine) and can’t trust people.

        • Josiah Manarchuck

          opinions people. Pokemon Red was 8 bit but there are a lot of genwunners out there. sun/moon looks amazing too. just vent your testosterone elsewhere.

  • Josiah Manarchuck

    Pixy that’s the way you like it, and that’s fine, but some other people enjoy games different ways. You shouldn’t judge them for modding like they shouldn’t judge you for not.