You guys still plugging away at Miitomo? A lot of the buzz for the app seems to have died down, but I’m still having fun answering random questions and putting silly outfits on my Mii each day. My real motivation to play, of course, is the new My Nintendo program. If, like me, you’ve been busy collecting those Platinum Points, then there’s a tempting deal for you Zelda fans right now.

New rewards have been introduced on My Nintendo, and one of them is a 20% saving on a digital download of The Wind Waker HD. The discount will cost you 400 Platinum Points. With the game already set to a budget price of £19.99 thanks to the Nintendo Selects range, this discount will bring the price down to around £16.

Here are the other new rewards, if you already own Wind Waker:

  • 50% off Nintendo Pocket Football Club: 40 Gold Coins (until August 1)
  • 20% off Nintendo Pocket Football Club : 250 Platinum Coins (until August 1)
  • 20% off Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: 600 Platinum Coins (until July 16)
  • 50% off Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker: 100 Gold Coins (until July 16)