Summer is on the horizon! And what better way to showcase your appreciation for the Zelda franchise than by sporting some Zelda-themed swimming shorts! On May 23, Merchoid will be shipping out officially merchandised Nintendo-themed swimming shorts, with Zelda being one of the themes.

Pictured below is the pair of Zelda swimming shorts, as well as one plastered with retro Mario sprites:

swimming shorts

The swimming shorts are available for $34.99 (or £27.99/€38,99 for our friends in Europe) with free worldwide shipping. Merchoid has some other themes available too, which you can find here. If you have any interest in purchasing a pair, I would hurry since at the time of this writing, they seem to be in short supply!

Between these and the Nintendo-inspired shoes by Vans, you’ll be decked out in Zelda attire in no time!

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