Nintendo has announced today that their next console, codenamed the Nintendo NX, will be officially launching in March 2017. Surprisingly, Nintendo have also announced that they will not show the system at E3 this year, which is a change from their previous announcements on the subject when they indicated that this would be the NX’s year at E3.

Instead they have decided to focus on the upcoming Zelda game this E3, which will be co-released on both the Wii U and the NX.

What do you think of this change of plans for E3 2016 and the launch of the NX?

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  • Brittany Reginelli

    BS. It’s total BS.

  • Idava Vaag

    Its rly bs, when alot of us been waiting so much, specialy the ones who bought wii u for the new zelda games, now knowing they will wait to relase cuz of new ninendo, is a rly let down

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  • Let me just say…personally, I don’t mind this at all. I’m a bit burned out on Zelda and at this point in time I don’t see how the next game will fascinate me (but given Nintendo’s track record with AAA titles I’m sure it will). A further delay will only serve to make the end result better…plus the NX version may be slightly better than the Wii U version and I’d be fine with that.

  • Athanatosti

    No… Nintendo can’t be that stupid… even they have to understand that you cant get away with announcing your next big console in a Direct…

  • IUHoosiersFan

    This makes me unbelievably happy. This makes the Wii U version of Zelda the priority and the more prominent version since it’s being released first. It is a sign of deep respect for Wii U owners. Nintendo is king.

  • IUHoosiersFan

    Hm, I’m actually hoping they delay Zelda Wii U/NX to holiday 2017. It’s more special playing a new Zelda game during the Christmas season. It’s still early, so there’s still a chance for that to still happen!

  • Trixi

    I struggle to justify buying new consoles when they come out, and I still haven’t managed to justify my Wii U. I bought it for Hyrule Warriors – which then became available for a handheld I already had – and for Zelda Wii U, since that was first teased… what, two years ago? – now officially hitting a new console as well. I’m now left hoping it’s exactly the same experience on both consoles so I don’t feel like I need to upgrade to the NX and like my Wii U was the biggest waste of money ever.

  • GreenLinkMaster

    I’m greatly saddened. Nintendo has to stop announcing Zelda games several years before they release them. it sucks when you get a new Zelda game, and then don’t hear anything for a few years, but at this point Nintendo should just expect every Zelda game to be delayed 3 years from when they originally expect to release it. and then they should wait until they are totally certain that they will only need say 3 months to finish it, and announce that they will release it in 6 months. honestly, I’d rather go 6 years without hearing anything about a new Zelda, instead of hearing about one 2 years after the newest, and then waiting another 4 years for the announced Zelda game to actually come out.
    I was all set and ready for both the NX and Zelda U to come out this year, Zelda U was suppose to be here last year! they promised it would be, and then it wasn’t. they promised it’d be here this year, and now it won’t be. that has to stop. yah I know taking more time to make the game should hopefully make it better, but stop announcing it early, letting us get all excited, delay it for several years and let the hype die, then give it to us when we’re all finally at the stage of “whatever >.>”. just take the time to make it right, and then let us know when you’re actually done.

    • Film Rewind

      Exactly! I bought my WiiU for this Zelda game. It was promised in 2015 and pushed to 2016. They promised it would release this year, they promised it wouldn’t be a U/ NX double and they promised they were not doing what they did with Twilight Princess.

      This on top of releasing SNES games on portable but only on the NEW 3DS stiffing 2DS/ 3DS owner is enough. I can’t afford nor do I want to support Nintendo anymore.

  • cqp
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