Have you ever wanted to play the ocarina in the elegant and dignified way Link and Zelda do in Ocarina of Time, not only by playing Zelda songs on it, but more complex ones, too? Perhaps your wishes have been granted, for a complete and detailed “how to” book is finally in the works!

David Ramos, the creator of this fantastic book, explains that he fell in love with the ocarina so hard, that it inspired him to learn the ocarina, playing his favorite Zelda songs, until he ultimately decided to pursue studying music in college. He now makes a living playing and teaching people how to play ocarina, but has found that several instructional books only teach you up to a certain level, leaving this sense of unaccomplishment in his mind. Therefore, he decided he would create his own book, one that truly went in-depth and gave detailed, yet clear and concise instructions for the best and easiest learning experience. David explains in the video below the things he wishes to accomplish with his book in more detail.

David’s book, How to Play Ocarina, will contain a 44-page physical and digital book, along with 16 instructional videos designed specifically for teaching you how to play the 10- and 12-hole ocarina. Furthermore, the book also aims to teach you how to read music sheets, so that you can easily read and learn any other music you may encounter outside of his book.

Going back to the 16 instructional videos, one impressive thing about them is that, in the book, at the beginning of every lesson, there will be a QR code for you to scan with your phone or tablet, which will take you directly to the video on YouTube corresponding to that lesson. This provides comfort and accessibility for all your learning needs.

In order to fund this project, David started a Kickstarter, hoping to reach his goal of $5,000 to be able to make his project a reality. However, as of today, his Kickstarter has garnered more that $7,500 already. Because his goal has already been reached and surpassed, David now plans to use the extra money and any other donations he receives until the Kickstarter ends, to buy and donate ocarinas to public schools around the United States. You can view all the details about the Kickstarter and his project at his Kickstarter page.

This is definitely a wonderful thing David is doing, and we should all try to help him if possible. Let’s look over David warmly as he teaches the world the ways of the ocarina!

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