It’s time for another Mailbag! For those of you not yet acquainted with our awesome, newly rebooted YouTube show, this is a series in which Zelda Universe answers your burning questions on the Zelda, uh, universe. Host Alex will take an interesting topic from you readers, analysing it in depth in order to provide the best possible answers.

In this episode, Alex talks about the series’ most iconic evildoer, Ganon. What’s this guy’s deal, anyway? Why is he so evil? What’s his beef with Link? Seriously, he’s popping up through centuries just to get up in the Legendary Hero’s grill. Not cool, Ganon. Well, check out the video for some insight into just what motivates this tireless tyrant.

If you’d like a chance to have your question answered by Alex, ask away in the video’s comment section or or on our Twitter using the hashtag “#ZUmailbag”. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more Mailbag videos and other exciting content!

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