Nintendo has at last been added to the list of exhibitors for June’s E3 expo in Los Angeles, California. This is merely a formality, but serves as confirmation that Nintendo will be present. For the past three years, Nintendo has forgone the typical press conference at E3 in favor of a special Nintendo Direct presentation, streamed online and accompanied by a press release. Perhaps 2016 will be the year Nintendo breaks the mold and holds a more traditional press conference. After all, many are expecting the Nintendo NX to be unveiled, so it may be more appropriate for a physical presentation.

We’ll all have a better idea of Nintendo’s E3 presence when the floor map is unveiled, at which time we’ll know just how much space they’re taking up. That feeling you’re getting right now is of palpable anticipation and excitement about what Nintendo has up its sleeve for the rest of 2016, and a window into what to expect in 2017. The full list of exhibitors and other information about the event can be found at the E3 website.

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