If you ever played Hyrule Warriors Legends and thought, “You know who should be a playable character? Marin!”, well then you might just have the best luck ever. The iconic character from Link’s Awakening, has just been announced to be the newest playable character in both versions of Hyrule Warriors!

Nintendo made the announcement through their official Twitter account, where the response has been mostly positive. So far, there is no information on what type of attacks she might have, but fans are already hoping for her to use her harp somehow. Marin will be included in the second batch of DLC coming for the game.

What were the chances of Marin being added to the game? And why her, specifically? Nintendo works in mysterious ways. But anyway, this is a great chance to relive those fond memories of Link’s Awakening, now in glorious HD!

  • DimensionalRanger

    So… how is she going to fight?

    • Richard Rahl

      Summoning aliens and throwing cows

  • Isaac Cook

    Give me one good reason why she was put in there.

    • Vladislak

      She’s pretty much the most iconic character of Link’s Awakening. Characters like Malon wouldn’t have even existed without her.

      True she wasn’t much of a combatant in the game, but neither were Agitha, Ruto, Fi, Tingle, King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, or Medli all of whom have made it (or will make it in the case of Medli) into Hyrule Warriors.

      Heck it’s debatable whether Darunia was a good fighter either as we never saw him fight, he just rushed off to face Volvagia (and obviously failed to beat him).

      I for one, and totally hyped for Marin in Hyrule Warriors. 🙂

      • Isaac Cook

        To be perfectly honest, I said the exact same thing about most of the characters you mentioned.

        • Vladislak

          Well then I suppose it can’t be helped, you wouldn’t be satisfied with the characters in most warriors games. Heck the Dynasty Warriors games have featured teenage girls wielding paper
          fans as weapons so they’re no stranger to that sort of thing.

          Really Hyrule Warriors is a celebration of the Zelda franchise as a whole. So there’s nothing they can do but include non combat oriented characters if they want to represent the majority of the games.

          Although I would say Marin is more likely to be found there than say Malon, as we saw Marin had an adventurous side as she ventured out alone into dangerous areas of Koholint (like climbing monster infested mountains). She also accompanied Link during part of his adventure, totally willing and eager to brave other dangerous areas with him.

  • MischievousLittleImp

    OMG! This is amazing! I love Marin!

  • Tuf Pic


    I wonder if we’ll get to see much of anything else from LADX/LA?!

    Sure hope so!!

    As well as the Oracles Duo, particularly if TWINROVA VICTIMIZE LINK!!