Recently, Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai contributed his 500th column on Famitsu’s magazine, and celebrated by doing a livestream in which he played games and answered questions. Thanks to translations from Source Gaming, we have a bit of insight into what he does at his job day by day.

Sakurai shares that even though he has played many games recently, he has not had the chance to write about them due to his work as director. He also shares that he analyzes games as he plays them, and tries to understand what part of games made them fun or not for him. He continues to explain that part his philosophy on making games is to look at older games and find what made those games good and fun to play.

Furthermore, Sakurai also reveals that he has to get Nintendo’s permission in order to reveal game information, and for that same reason he is also not allowed to answer fan questions.

Sakurai has been writing for Famitsu for 13 years. His first column ran in 2003, and has been about video games ever since. He writes not only about his own games, but all video games in general, be it a Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox game.

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