Do you remember the Game Boy Micro? It was an odd little system, the third iteration of the Game Boy Advance, that fit in the palm of your hand. It lacked the original’s backwards compatibility with original Game Boy games and had a small screen so it wasn’t the hottest-selling portable, but it did have charm. I remember getting one for Christmas and being insanely excited.

The Nintendo DS fared much better than the Game Boy Micro, not only because of its advanced hardware but also because of its novel dual screens. Like the Game Boy Advance, the Nintendo DS has gone through numerous iterations. Older models have been replaced by newer ones, leaving abandoned or broken DS’s to collect dust.

One modder decided to give those old DS’s new life by turning them into their predecessors. Dubbed the Game Boy Macro the modded DS’s share all of the characteristics of the Game Boy Micros, but with a bigger screen. The top screen is removed and some rewiring is done, a touch of paint is added, and the DS looks fresher than ever.

Game Boy Macro 4

Game Boy Macro 3

Game Boy Macro 5

Of course there’s a lot more to it than that, hence the $100+ pricing per unit depending on your preferred customization. But the units have grown to be so popular that¬†orders are now closed until the modder is able to move all orders to a more-manageable webshop. However, you can add your name to a wait list¬†if you like.

It’s great to see someone breathing new life into an old system. What are your favorite examples of video game modding and recycling?