NateWantsToBattle, our very own Link in Skyward Sword: The Movie, is releasing the album Songs of Time on March 1, and pre-orders have just opened up on iTunes. Songs of Time is a rock opera which tells the story of Ocarina of Time, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The album consists of 11 tracks which you can preview now, and to tide you over until March, you can go on ahead and purchase track six, “Twisted”. Three special guest artists can also be heard on the album: Amanda Lee — “Far Away”, Adriana Figueroa — “Lullaby”, and Shawn Christian — “Hands of a Thief”.

Nate is known for his anime and video game covers and parodies, and this isn’t his first time tackling Zelda music. He has an excellent guitar cover of “Song of Storms” and my personal favorite is the romantic ballad “Dawn of the Third Day”. You can check out more of NateWantsToBattle’s songs on his YouTube channel.