When it comes to marketing, Nintendo definitely does not fall short. Who can forget the iconic A Link to the Past rap? Or the Super Mario Bros. commercial that made Mario’s face out countless people? Nintendo is not one to be stingy when promoting something, and even more proof of that is their placement among the top 10 biggest ad spenders in 2015.

2015 was the year of video games ads, as an incredible amount of money went into producing them. When compared to 2014, there was a staggering 47% increase of money spent on ads, which led to 62 different gaming brands putting 602 commercials on U.S television, which were played a little over 250,000 times over the year.


When it comes to overall ads produced, Nintendo comes in fourth place, spending $42 million on 49 commercials. For comparison, they spent only $29 million on 43 commercials in 2014. That’s a 43% increase in ad spending!

top video game ad nintendo

It’s nice to see Nintendo increase their marketing. With luck, the mysterious NX will receive just as much attention leading up to its release!

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