In a recent Miiverse announcement, Zelda series director Eiji Aonuma introduced and explained a brand new feature added to Tri Force Heroes as part of the latest game update. The new feature, called “Hero Points”, encourages players to complete levels that they did not vote for by giving them rewards and making it easier to obtain missing outfits.

Aonuma notes that players will receive a hero point each time they complete a level they did not vote for, or if they selected “I can’t decide” instead of voting. The new points will be rewarded during both online and local multiplayer.

“I can bear-ly contain my excitement!”

Specific details were not given, but Aonuma mentions that Hero Points will make it easier to obtain missing outfits. He also suggests that collecting hero points will “supercharge” the Bear Minimum outfit (the weakest outfit in the game). “I can bear-ly contain my excitement!!!”, Aonuma says, “It’s just a little token of my appreciation for all the hardworking righteous heroes out there.” Thanks, Aonuma!