With The Wind Waker’s inclusion in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends comes new costumes for both heroes and villains. The new duds take inspiration from both the good and evil sides of Zelda lore to add more color to each character. Check out each new outfit below.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Outset Link Don’t let Link’s Second Quest pajamas fool you. He won’t be slacking off.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Great Fairy Fi The Great Fairy inspiration behind Fi has never been clearer.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Boko Lana Lana’s new clothes are a little less clear. Perhaps she borrowed her looks from a Boko Baba?

Hyrule Warriors Legends Phantom Hourglass Darunia Darunia’s dye job and swirled design draw from Biggoron of Phantom Hourglass.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Kalle Demos Not to be outdone, Ghirahim shines in Kalle Demos’s colors.

Hyrule Warriors Legends Gohdan Zant Zant’s golden helmet and blue hue is evocative of Gohdan.

Hyrule Warriors Legends GanonTRON Finally, Ganondorf takes on the highlights of his loyal phantom — or perhaps he’s channeling TRON?

But the characters of Hyrule Warriors Legends aren’t the only ones dressing up. The new My Fairy system will allow you to customize your fairy with over 100 options, as the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account confirmed. You’ll be able to duplicate familiar characters, or create your own, with the various accessories. Alongside the costumes already built into Hyrule Warriors and its 3DS counterpart, there will be no shortage of ways to make your heroes, fairies, and villains your own.