According to popular Japanese publication Famitsu, Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors Legends will include a new map: the Great Sea from The Wind Waker.

Completing missions on this map will unlock costumes for old and new characters.


Here’s the list of items available in the Great Sea, and their functionality. The items are usable on the map itself, like the Compass on regular maps.

  • The Wind Waker removes Wind Walls, so you can pass through them.
  • The Salvage Arm can be used to unlock new rewards.
  • The Sea Map summons a Fishman who draws enemy locations on the map, unlocking new battles.
  • The Cannon destroys enemy ships, which removes disadvantageous rules from the battle.
  • The Hero’s Bow allows you to get rid of whirlpools, in order to remove disadvantageous rules from the battle.
  • The Boomerang can defeat Big Octos, in order to remove disadvantageous rules from the battle.
  • The Hyoi Pear can lure seagulls. They will discover hidden treasures that unlock new rewards.
  • The Power Bracelets allow you to move Stone Heads in order to unlock new battles.
  • The Hammer can be used to hit switches that unlock new battles.
  • The Deku Leaf can be used on a windmill in order to reveal hidden staircases, in order to unlock new rewards.


Famitsu also revealed that, like the extra characters, the DLC maps for the Adventure Mode of Hyrule Warriors on Wii U will be available in Hyrule Warriors Legends from the start. However, the content cannot be transferred back to the Wii U version. The magazine doesn’t say whether the Great Sea will be available on the Wii U.

Network Links have been replaced by StreetPass Links in Hyrule Warriors Legends. However, they seem to function in the same way.