Owners of Tri Force Heroes have been treated to a free software update. As of today, players can access a new area and unlock two new outfits through the 2.0.0 update.

The new area is called the Den of Trials, and adds 30 challenging levels. The new outfits include Linebeck’s Uniform, which can sneak peeks inside treasure chests before you open them, and the Fierce Deity Mail, which unleashes powerful beams in four directions.

The update also adds new Miiverse stamps and adjusts online play so that players are more likely to be matched with others of a similar play style, as determined by answering questions before matchmaking. Additionally, people who leave a game in progress through the pause menu can now be added to the blacklist by holding the A Button or the B Button while pressing on their Hero Panel after they leave, but before the save starts.