For the past several months now, my Wii U GamePad has been malfunctioning. The left joystick has gone awry, and I can’t comfortably control characters; they keep moving left even when I am not moving the joystick itself, and when I want to move right it can barely make the character move in a straight line. Obviously, this is extremely tedious, and I have opted for using my Pro Controller instead. This is a big problem for me because with games like Star Fox Zero and Zelda Wii U on the way — games that will use the GamePad’s unique functions extensively — I feel like I won’t have the same experience playing those games with the Pro Controller.

Well, the folks over at Nintendo must have heard my cries of desperation, and have decided to have fun and torture me even more. How, you ask? By starting to sell individual Wii U GamePads — in Japan only. “Why don’t you just import them, then?” Because not only are these sold in Japan only, but are also region locked. GamePads. Region locked. This means they wouldn’t function together with my American Wii U console, adding more disappointment to my GamePad needs.

Anyhow, should you happen to own a Japanese console and if you would like to purchase a GamePad, one of these babies would cost you 12,800 yen (roughly, around $115). They are available in the two standard black and white colors. They are already available for purchase at Nintendo’s online shop.

Hopefully, soon they will also be available in the Americas and Europe, because I seriously want to buy another GamePad of my own!

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