One of the biggest downsides of playing online is having to deal with those pesky and annoying troll gamers that bring your gaming experience down. Now, Nintendo has always tried to implement ways to reduce encounters with these type of gamers, and this is evident through Miiverse posts and games like Mario Kart 8. Well, in the newest Zelda game, Tri Force Heroes, you can now take justice in your hands, by blacklisting and blocking gamers that you consider to be hindering your online gaming experience.

One of the characters early on in the game explains that the online world is full of “false heroes” and “pretenders” and, as such, can be blacklisted by players themselves. To do so, one only has to touch the unheroic player’s Hero Panel while online, and press the A or B button. Simple, right?

This seems like a very efficient way of blocking players, although, this writer worries that these “false heroes” will have another way to troll players, by going around blacklisting random players. We’ll just have to wait and see until the game releases to see exactly how this blacklisting really works out.

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