The Executive VP at Nintendo of America, Scott Moffitt, divulged that the reasoning behind Nintendo’s timing with their announcement on developing new hardware, currently known as the NX, was due to their commitment in the console industry. Nintendo has been put under the spotlight since their broadcast this past March, announcing that they were planning to move towards releasing products in the mobile market.

To reaffirm the community and gaming industry that Nintendo’s focused goals are in fact set on the console market, Moffitt told that the production of new hardware known as the NX has been put in motion. Normally, they wouldn’t have announced such a large project with a release date so far in the future, but their community of gamers is a top priority.

“Normally, we wouldn’t have taken that step of telling people we are working on the next system,” he says. “But we wanted people to know we remain committed to the dedicated game device business.”

“We believe in the power of dedicated game platforms and we are going to remain in that business.”

It’s almost poetic in how Moffitt describes the relationship between Nintendo and the products they produce, and how they have no plans on disregarding their history while heading towards the future. Being built on a console market, Nintendo has one of the richest histories in the video game industry, and to throw it all away for the mobile market would be a fool’s move.

“We believe there is magic that occurs when you have a marriage between the hardware, operating system and game content itself,” Moffitt continues. “It was important for us to recommit, on behalf of our game fans, to that business. We didn’t want people to think we were migrating away from that core principle, which is we believe in the power of dedicated game platforms and we are going to remain in that business.”

While they may have been a bit rash to divulge the information about the NX, not only has Nintendo’s stock gone up, but the community has been in an uproar trying to decipher and predict what they can expect to come from Nintendo next.

  • omrick1

    I can’t read White on Light Yellow..

  • Jessie Estrada

    I had that same thought.

  • Children Of Nephilim

    can’t read any of the comments!

    • Children Of Nephilim

      OK, this is better <3

  • Roboman

    i hope nx isnt moblie related or im fked

    • finny nightswim

      I don’t think it will be

  • finny nightswim


  • omrick1

    Thank you for the Black ink.

  • CEObrainz

    Slowly this guy is starting to annoy me. Everything he says sounds like an excuse or way to push fingers away from the failing product that the Wii U is. I’d be utterly surprised if Zelda U didn’t also release on the NX, it makes too much sense at this point and everything they’ve shown so far with the Gamepad can be replicated with UI reworking and a standard controller.

    I’m sure that Nintendo’s internal analysts already know why the Wii U is not selling well, they aren’t ‘that’ stupid. But by having all these representatives talk about things like this gives me a bad impression of their stubbornness and their way of approaching gaming as a business.

    Also anyone that thinks Nintendo is going to suddenly stop creating new hardware is a fool, their IP’s are worth too much and the amount of money that have in the bank is more then enough to survive a console generation of bad sales.

  • bullshit, how is it early in development when there gonna show it next year, it must be pretty ready if their gonna talk in depth about it in 2016

  • WiicardoBA

    “we believe in the power of dedicated game platforms…” and yet they keep releasing the least powerful console everytime.

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