Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies has answered fan requests for a Game Boy-themed food just in time for summer. In her latest YouTube video, she walks her viewers through making the retro noms from scratch. From making the chocolate cookies to cutting out squares of ice cream, and even adding small details like the classic ice cream sandwich holes, the whole process is laid out in clear steps. If you’re in a hurry or not as confident as Rosanna though, you can also make these snacks with store-bought ice cream sandwiches and add in your own details.

The video is worth watching not only for the incredible recipe, but also for Rosanna’s infectious, bubbly disposition, which encourages viewers to try the recipes themselves — even if they’re hopeless in the kitchen! Check the video out below, and if you like this dessert, there are plenty more on Rosanna’s YouTube channel.