In the past week of gaming news, a lucky man by the name of Dan Diebold came across a prototype for the SNES, which happened to be developed by both Nintendo and Sony. The prototype that he surfaced represented a time in video game history, when Nintendo and Sony were working together in a partnership. This unfortunately came to an end in 1991 at the Consumer Electronics Show, when Nintendo announced a partnership with Phillips Electronics. Once this unstoppable partnership was broken, it set forth a rift in the video game industry.

In a recent interview with Polygon, Dan Diebold revealed that his father Terry Diebold was a maintenance man at a company called Advanta Corporation during the years of 2000 – 2009. Olaf Olafsson, the president of Advanta Corporation and former CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment ordered all offices be cleaned out in 2009 when Advanta declared bankruptcy and folded. As Dan’s father was working for Advanta, he ended up cleaning the offices and removed a box containing the ancient SNES prototype.

SNES Sony + Nintendo Partnership Details

Much of the information regarding the prototype remains unknown, except that it has a game and CD dock with it, but no power supply. The plans at the current time from the Diebolds is that they wish to find a power supply and get the prototype running.

For a closer look into the prototype and how much ‘retro’ it is, the Diebolds released a video on YouTube that shows an up-close and personal view as to how large and bulky this console is. They explain their discovery in the video and how it would actually work, which seems to simulate a Nintendo 64 game cartridge.

With all hopes, they’ll be successful and we’ll see a glimpse into what this almost fairytale-esque partnership between two internationally famous companies could have been like.