Miiverse is set to undergo some changes this summer, along with a redesign. Here are the changes that are occurring:

  • A newly added Screenshot Album will be able to save up to 100 screenshots, and will only be visible by you.
  • The Play Journal will replace posting to your activity feed and in it you’ll be able to write your own journal and keep track of your experiences.
  • Within each main community for games, posts will be categorized by Play Journal, Drawings, and Discussions so browsing is made easier.
  • Limitations on quick, successive posts will become less strict. Now you’ll be able to post 30 posts or comments per day (in-game posts not included).

As of today, there is no official date for when we will be able to see these neat upgrades on our screens, but expect it to be later this summer. Meanwhile, you can go to the official Miiverse website for more details. While we wait for the updates, here are some screenshots of the new Miiverse design:

community-image-us miiverse

diary-image-us miiverse

album-image-us miiverse

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