If you simply can’t get enough of Tri Force Heroes, then look no further as here we have a comprehensive round-up of footage containing every part of the E3 demo. The Treehouse team continue through their playthrough, tackling The Fortress and The Volcano as well as a challenge course. The team are also joined by director Hiromasa Shikata in the final video, who offers some of his own insight into the game.

If you want to see high quality, raw footage without the distraction of people talking over the gameplay, you’ll also find every level played in full. Even if you’ve had your fill of watching the game or don’t have the time to watch it all, stick around as I’ve compiled every new detail from the videos that you need to know, including the challenge courses, Download Play and the origins of the idea for costumes.


Treehouse live: Day two

In the second live Treehouse demonstration, the team revisit The Fortress, which they weren’t able to finish last time. Audrey mentions that “in the full game, there are actually some new items”, suggesting that the levels in this E3 demo don’t contain all of the potential items than the versions in the full game.

Biri, the jellyfish-like creatures that appear in A Link to the Past and A Link Between Worlds, make an appearance in this stage. The Links are later ambushed by some Hinox, who are throwing bombs from a distant platform. The players are unable to reach them to attack them, so they must launch bombs back at them with the Gust Jar to defeat them.

The trio then play on The Volcano level. This stage is surrounded by deadly lava, with platforms that will sink if the Links stand on them for too long. The players are then pitted in an arena-like platform with Hinox in minecarts travelling along some tracks surrounding it. Like in The Fortress, they must be defeated by throwing bombs at them. In traditional Zelda form, there is also a block-pushing puzzle.

The video ends before the team can finish The Volcano, but we do get a glimpse of the boss, Moldorm.


Treehouse live: Day three

On the final Treehouse video of Tri Force Heroes, the team is joined by director of the game, Hiromasa Shikata. Check out his awesome shirt of the three Links in the Totem formation!

The team revisit The Forest, but this time it’s a “challenge course”. This is made more difficult than the regular version of the stage, because the Links are restricted to using only bombs and can not use the bow. This means not only do the players not have the same precision offered by the bow, but the players must also use the right timing to throw the bombs so that the explosion impacts the targets. This introduces another extra element of danger with the risk of explosions hurting the players.

Shikata says that Download Play is an option for local multiplayer, so only one game cartridge is required if you want to play with friends. All of the courses are still available to all players in Download Play.

When asked about how the concept of costumes and fashion became such a prominent theme in Tri Force Heroes, Shikata says that the idea began from his love of the way you could upgrade your items in A Link Between Worlds. He ran with that idea and wanted to play with giving the players different options for power-ups and new abilities.

60fps with direct-feed audio

If you’d like to watch the gameplay without any narration, check out these videos by Nintendo World Report and GameXplain, which offer high quality direct-feed audio so you can listen to the music and sound effects more clearly. The videos are also very high quality at 60 frames per second, allowing you to see the gameplay at its smoothest. Below you’ll find all four levels from the demo in full.

Interestingly, the music appears to change when the players form a Totem. While this is just speculation on my part, it seems as though the music is different depending how many Links are in a Totem; with two there is a song with tribal vocals, whereas with three the song seems much calmer. It’s hard to say whether this is or isn’t affected by the order of Links in the Totem or the different costumes, though.

In the final video below, which shows gameplay of The Volcano, you can also watch the full boss fight with Moldorm, which was cut short in the Treehouse video.