While the new Zelda titles shown during last week’s Nintendo Digital Event are still hot topics of discussion for viewers, the absence of another seems to be just as prominent. Of course, Zelda Wii U did not appear during the presentation, leading to much disappointment for fans.

Perhaps ironically, Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime revealed in a recent GameSpot interview that Nintendo’s decision to pull the game from the broadcast was to avoid such disappointment. Before touching on the game itself, Reggie repeats Miyamoto’s point last week that Nintendo were more focused on showing games releasing in the immediate future rather than later. “We want to showcase at E3 games that are launching over the next six [to] nine months”.

“It’s going to be wonderful”

After the announcement earlier this year that Zelda Wii U would be delayed from its previous 2015 release, Nintendo decided to hold off on showing footage to avoid disappointing those waiting the extended time for the chance to play it. “We were concerned that by showing wonderful footage of the game, it would lead to further disappointment on behalf of the fans”.

“There’ll be plenty of opportunities for us to showcase that game,” he continues. “And certainly, for those of us like myself who’ve seen the game and seen how it’s progressing, you know — no fears, it’s going to be wonderful”. Speaking of opportunities, I think a Zelda-focused Nintendo Direct in the near future would be an excellent way to show us more of Zelda Wii U, along with Tri Force Heroes and Hyrule Warriors Legends.

You can watch the interview in full below, wherein Reggie discusses other aspects of the Nintendo Digital and Nintendo in general. He is confident that “the state of the Wii U is quite strong”, and that Nintendo has acknowledged the consumer frustration surrounding distribution of Amiibo. He assures us that the company is committed to “improving the flow of the product into the market”.

  • Link Farore Hylian

    Federation Force was communicated clearly enough?? No I think the problem is it was communicated too clearly.

  • YamadaDesigns

    A Zelda-focused Nintendo Direct? Sign me up.

  • Zakary Miller

    Looks at Wind Waker, Twilight princess, Skyward Sword and Ocarina of time. Not to burst Nintendo’s bubble but every Zelda game has been announced 1 – 4 years before release, been seen going through many changes, and yet fans were okay. So explain that. Heck even Mario games had the same issue of being announced 1 – 2 years before release. I don’t know what reasons Nintendo honestly has but, their previous track record provides a different story to how they handled games.

    Ocarina of time first appeared 1995 as tech demo; Released 1998.
    Wind Waker first appeared at E3 2001; Released 2003.
    Twilight princess first appeared E3 2004; Released 2006.
    Skyward sword first appeared E3 2008/2009; Released 2011.

    So then Nintendo, did something major happen or, are you just coming up with an excuse to hype up it will look more amazing or something?

    • Ryan Haney

      People on here have said as long as they get it right, they don’t care about delays. Look at the newest Batman game. It has so many bugs you can’t play it at all on the PC. If they had delayed it, people would’ve whined that it wasn’t coming out in time. Now people are whining that it is broken. Which is worse?

      • Zakary Miller

        True, and if I remember correctly Batman was supposed to come out a month earlier but they delayed it. Regardless though, I think having a broken game is worse rather than a couple people whining about not getting it now. I wasn’t complaining about the delay but the reason they won’t show it is because of the delay and then I brought proof to show it was not such a big deal in the past.

        • Ryan Haynes

          “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”
          Although, the advent of patches kind of makes this moot, it didn’t help games like Sonic 06 or Sonic Boom.

  • Cjhbbass .

    Stop fishing pal.

    • Ryan Haney