Outside of Coliseum modeTri Force Heroes doesn’t allow two human players to tackle the game together with one “dopple” between them (the doll-like Links available in the single player mode). So, what happens if a player drops out of the game for any reason?

“If someone drops out or quits, you’ll get to a game over screen,” were Shikata’s words during an E3 interview with Kotaku. Players can rest easy knowing their progress will be saved, but they will be unable to move forward together unless a third player joins in or they each proceed solo.

This may be a bit of a rub for players who want to take on the dungeons with only one other friend or partner, but it’s hard to see how control over the remaining dopple would be handled. The dopples in the single-player mode are manipulated through the touch screen. If both players were to fight over control of the dopple it could lead to a breakdown of co-operation, which is the focus of the game.

Fortunately, there is plenty of time for you to decide how you will play the game, since Tri Force Heroes isn’t set to release until this fall for the Nintendo 3DS.