Zeldathon, a group of gamers who stream Legend of Zelda games for non-profit organizations, has raised over $450,000 for worldwide charities. Now they’re upping their efforts with Zeldathon Deluxe, in hopes of bringing in $150,000 for Charity: Water.

Charity: Water is a 100% model charity. This means every cent of public donations goes towards providing safe, life-sustaining drinking water in developing nations by installing local wells and filtration systems, and training health workers and leaders in sanitation and hygiene. In December of 2012, Zeldathon helped bring in $45,874 to Charity: Water that, in turn, brought safe drinking water to over 1400 people.

Zeldathon Charity Water

This time Zeldathon Deluxe looks to more than triple that donation, with more concentrated efforts to encourage donors to give. This marathon will premier the Adventure System Deluxe where new games, and upgraded versions of those games, will be streamed the more donations are brought in. In addition to an HD stream, the popular goal wheel will return alongside viewer interaction, special guests, more attendees, and musical entertainment — all while playing Legend of Zelda games for a great cause.

Donations can be made directly to Zeldathon Deluxe before and during the event. Streaming will begin on Friday, June 19, with Skyward Sword. Each fundraising goal reached will unlock other games and special modes and challenges within them, such as three-Heart runs or a higher difficulty.

Zeldathon group

Zeldathon Deluxe is proud to once again raise money for Charity: Water. Help reach the fundraising goal of $150,000 by doing what you can to either spread word of the stream, or by providing a donation. No matter how small, every little bit of help allows Charity: Water to continue providing the most fundamental need of clean water.