A slew of official art and screenshots has now been released for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game Tri Force HeroesThe artwork takes inspiration from the offical art of Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, keeping things bright and lighthearted while swapping out the more mischievous side of Four Swords for teamwork and determination. The latter aspect is also showcased in the screenshots, which show all three Links working together to tackle puzzles and bosses; using items, costumes, and each other to get the job done. The communication icons can be seen on the lower screen, while the top screen displays gameplay.

Check out the images below, and for more information head over to our coverage of the Developer’s Story behind the game.

Box art and official artwork

Both box art and official art have been released, showcasing the dynamic bond between the three heroes, and some of their various costumes.

Tri Force Heroes boxart 3dsThe rating is pending for Tri Force Heroes, but an E-rating may be fitting for its comical mischief and violence.

N3DS_TLOZ-TriForceHeroes_illustration_01Each Link has a tunic and shade of hair matching his colorful name.

Tri Force Heroes totem time artLooks like Green and Blue are having too much fun playing Tri Force Heroes to help Red!

Tri Force Heroes Zelda 3DS totemRed offers a helping (and burning) hand to Blue, who sports a costume reminiscent of the Roc’s Cape.

Tri Force Heroes stalfos artWhile Green sticks with the hammer, Blue’s outfit looks to offer boomerang support. Red is wearing what appears to be cat’s pajamas — maybe for a speed boost to avoid the Stalfos-like monster’s mace.


Here are a few select screenshots offering a view of both 3DS screens.

Tri Force Heroes 3DS threeDuring local and online multiplayer, each player is given control over a specific Link. Download play is also supported.

Tri Force Heroes balloon key totem time

Tri Force HeroesThe bottom screen offers eight icons used to interact between players. The totem time icon tells Green’s fellow heroes that there’s only one way to free keys and reach high switches.

Tri Force Heroes buzz blobs spin attack

Tri Force HeroesWhile all three Links can use a spin attack for situations like this, the samurai-like Spin Attack Attire worn by Green can boost the technique’s power and range.

Tri Force Heroes gust jar gameplaySometimes co-operation means being resourceful, such as using a Gust Jar to push fellow heroes across gaps.

Tri Force HeroesAt the end of both floors and the overall dungeon, a Triforce emblem glows, awaiting the Links to take their place on each piece to move on.

Tri Force Heroes

Tri Force Heroes Hinox mine cart

Tri Force Heroes MargomaThe bosses and mini-bosses so far shown are of familiar forms; from giant Buzz Blobs, to a Hinox-like creature, and Margoma, reminiscent of Margomill from A Link Between Worlds.

Tri Force Heroes looks to be a lighthearted addition to the Legend of Zelda franchise, and the costume mechanic may add surprising depth to a game that looks simple at first glance. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on future information regarding this game.