This week, Koei Tecmo accidentally let it slip that Hyrule Warriors will be coming out for the Nintendo 3DS and will be announced at E3 this year. Hyrule Warriors was released on the Wii U this past September and has sold more than one million copies worldwide. A spinoff of the proper Legend of Zelda series and the Japanese Dynasty Warriors series, the game featured characters from all across the Zelda mythos, though it did have some original characters to add to the Zelda universe.

Lana is one of the most memorable characters to be introduced to the Zelda franchise in quite some time. One of the protagonists of Hyrule Warriors, the bubbly witch is charismatic, compassionate, yet incredibly powerful. It is not only fun to watch how she interacts with some of our favorite Zelda characters in Hyrule Warriors, but she is also a blast to play as. She has a strength, yet also a vulnerability that is very relatable, which is portrayed in our choice for Fanart Friday.

To celebrate the revelation that Hyrule Warriors will be released for the 3DS, today’s pick for Fanart Friday is this fantastic drawing by BlueCrystalDove entitled “Hyrule Warriors Lana“. Let’s hope that we get a proper sequel to Hyrule Warriors so that Lana gets even more time to shine!