It’s a known fact that professional cosplayers put serious dedication into their cosplay, transforming themselves into everything from video game and anime characters, to movie heroes, and even memes. Often, this work includes unique touches such as external lights, voice changers, and weapons and armor made to meticulous scale. Alyssa DiPaolo is one such cosplay enthusiast, and she has crafted her own unique touch for her Sheik cosplay: an electronic Goddess’s Harp.

Carved and painted by Alyssa, this harp hides a secret inside thanks to her friend Jason A. The harp strings act as triggers, activating eleven different songs from Ocarina of Time. Once the first few notes are plucked the instrument takes over, playing the songs through two speakers at the back of the harp.

Sheik cosplay harp inner workings

Not quite up to snuff with your ocarina songs? No problem: the harp has a “reset” string. Give it a pluck, and the the song can be started over.

In the video below, you can watch Alyssa demonstrate “Zelda’s Lullaby,” “Epona’s Song,” and the “Song of Storms.” Additionally, you can hear the harp’s musical cues, also taken from Ocarina of Time, that indicate a song has been activated or reset.

Alyssa recently took her Sheik cosplay and Goddess’s Harp to O Comic Con! and won Best Craftsmanship in the cosplay competition — no doubt thanks in part to her amazing harp.

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