In the upcoming 3DS version of Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, a pair of Zelda-related costumes won’t be making the trip when the game comes to the West.

Thanks to a joint effort between Nintendo and Koei Tecmo last year, players were able to download and play a demo of the newest Chronicles installment and, in doing so, unlock costumes inspired by Link and Zelda of Hyrule Warriors. Unfortunately, when Siliconera reached out to Koei Tecmo to confirm these costumes for localized versions, they were informed that the costumes are “Japan-exclusive”.

“Exclusive content” is a phrase gamers have grown used to with each new console and handheld generation. Nevertheless, it’s never easy to hear when content is cut or changed within localized or multi-platform games. Would these costumes have encouraged you to try out Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3?

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita on June 30 in North America, and on June 24 in Europe.