The Zelda series has been home to many different races throughout its lifetime; one of the most fascinating, though, has been the Zora. We have seen them as both allies and as enemies. Some theories suggest that the Zora evolved from the Parella and evolve, yet again, into the Rito. They have appeared in almost every Zelda game since the original title, so keeping up with the vast history of the race can be a little tough for anyone who has skipped a few titles, or have only recently been introduced to the series.

Commonwealth Realm on YouTube has recently uploaded the most in-depth history lesson on the Zora race. He covers every appearance the race has made throughout the entire series in a very detailed episode of Zelda Unknown. The episode is a collaboration between himself, Macintyre Productions, and Anonymous Gamer.

I think it’s incredible when Zelda fans can come together to create content other seasoned fans take interest in. What’s impressive about this video is that fans of the Zelda series who might not be as familiar with the Zora race can now glean quite a bit from it. It’s never too late to learn something new about one of the Zelda series’ most famous tribes.