Graphic artist and painter Vadu Amka has made a beautiful custom-made Nintendo 64 console based on the system’s signature title, Ocarina of Time. It was created as a gift for a huge fan of the series, just like so many of us!

The system was created with the three Spiritual Stones as one of its foci. If you don’t remember, the three stones are Kokiri’s Emerald, Goron’s Ruby, and Zora’s Sapphire. The three stones appear on the front of the console underneath the logo, which uses a typeface similar to that used in the Zelda series. The controller ports are also gold, staying true to the series’ trademark color.


The system contains worn-down gold coloring for its controller’s buttons, although they are shiny as well to match the rest of the console. The Hylian Crest appears at the top of the controller in black, containing the signature symbol of the Zelda series, the Triforce.



The system also features the Hylian Shield right below the console’s cartridge port. In order to create the shield, Amka re-molded the shield in resin, aiming for a thin and angular rendering.


Overall, the console has a very “ancient” feel to it and the amount of detail grafted into the system is some of the most detailed work I have ever seen in any custom-made console. The work must have been painstaking, but in the end definitely worth it, especially for the lucky fan who ended up receiving the system as a gift!

It undeniably lives up to Ocarina of Time’s legacy.