In the latest issue of Famitsu, the Japanese gaming publication got the chance to sit down and talk with the head of Koei Tecmo Games, Hisashi Koinuma. Though they talked about numerous topics, Hyrule Warriors happened to come up. While no hard numbers were mentioned, Koinuma attributed their much-stronger-than-expected fiscal earnings to the sales numbers of Hyrule Warriors.

As per Koinuma, “Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes contributed drastically for the results of fiscal year 2015.”


This does leave the option to potentially create a Hyrule Warriors sequel, as the first game has become a proven success in both the Japanese and western markets, exceeding Koei Tecmo’s expectations. It would also help quench Zelda fans’ thirst for more Zelda since Zelda U has been delayed.

Update: Koei Tecmo’s financial report has been made public and Hyrule Warriors has sold over one million units worldwide, with an overwhelming amount of sales coming from outside of Japan (Japan only sold 130,000 units). They also report that the downloadable content for the game is still selling at a steady pace.

Maybe this will give the series the legs it needs for a sequel? Selling over one million copies on the Wii U is a huge feat given the small install base.

  • CEObrainz

    Koei Tecmo also talked about announcing another new IP they’ve been working on and another collaboration too. The chances are small but an Emblem Warriors or something of similar name would be fantastic.

    • craZ

      After just making a game on a fantasy character, I somewhat doubt it will be Emblem Warriors. Could be Mario or Star Wars, since they’ve expressed interest in those two franchises.

      • CEObrainz

        Meh….I wouldn’t mind either of those but Fire Emblem is the easiest and most “Warrior like” of all three.

    • Ryan Haynes

      I do wish they would make a Kid Icarus Warriors, since its got the colorful cast of characters and the weapons, and the story of Uprising is structured similar to HW. But since the current design of KI has only one game, I doubt it would happen. Hopefully we get a Pit cameo/DLC in HW 2

    • JaidynReiman

      I’d love “Emblem Warriors” or whatever, but I think they’d go with something else first only because Fire Emblem is already in a crossover deal right now.

      Personally I think its very likely it could be another Nintendo one, since they mentioned it in the same discussion where they talked about Hyrule Warriors. I personally don’t think it’d be Mario or Pokemon, since I don’t think Nintendo would greenlight those right now.

      What it could be I’m unsure of. My favorite idea right now (barring a very obscure franchise) would be DK, since DK often bridges the game between the more realistic fantasy settings and Mario’s overly cartoony look. DK sometimes goes for darker themes (DKC2, DK64, Jungle Beat) and Nintendo might consider the Warriors formula too violent for Mario, so perhaps Koei would consider compromising and doing DK first.

      That’s just my thought on the matter. It could go anywhere, really. My favorite idea overall is FE, but with an FE crossover already existing, I’m unsure of if they’d do that.

      I also think HW2 is guaranteed, but I don’t think it’ll happen until next year at the earliest, but perhaps more likely as an NX title.