While there have been many custom-made Fierce Deity Link Amiibo that have been crafted since Nintendo’s hit figurines launched this past November, few have given the character and his weapon justice like this one. Despite the fact that Toon Link is used rather than standard Link, the craftsmanship displayed is impeccable, and the attention to detail is spot on, with Link brandishing Fierce Deity’s famous Double Helix Sword.


While Toon Link would probably be a bit taller if he ever donned the Fierce Deity Mask (and who knows, maybe one day he will), this is still one of the most impressive custom designed Amiibo I’ve ever seen.

The question I really have is how did the creator turn Toon Link’s Master Sword into Fierce Deity Link’s Double Helix Sword? There must have been a lot of patience required throughout that process. It is quite impressive to say the least!