Back in February, we reported that Alexander Trevino, Zelda Universe’s own Lead Media Editor, was casting for an ambitious project called Hyrule Warriors: The Movie. The film is an attempt to compile all of Hyrule Warriors‘ cutscenes and give them a voice, creating something akin to an animated film. The project received an overwhelming response, receiving 640 auditions for just 16 open spots.

Now that the film is in the final stage of production, Mr. Trevino is providing several sneak peeks for the project and plans to release the first act of the film on May 1. There will be a sneak peek posted every day leading up to the launch of Act One, the first of three acts, beginning today.

Today’s sneak peek covers the very beginning of Hyrule Warriors, entitled “Zelda’s Prophecy,” where she dreams of the darkness which is about to engulf Hyrule.

If Zelda were to ever have voice acting, Nintendo could hire Mr. Trevino to cast the roles and provide direction! From what I’ve seen so far, the end result of his film is exceptional.