Yesterday, a rumor surfaced that Twilight Princess was going to receive a 3D remake, much like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask before it. This rumor has since been proven to be false.

The rumor began when a Nintendo 3DS user received a StreetPass with a Mii who had been “playing” the fake remake. This sent the internet ablaze with questions and speculation. In the end, however, it was just a hoax; the user in question had in fact hacked their 3DS, allowing them to use any combination of images and text for their most recently played game.

This actually became a pretty large problem at the Symphony of the Goddesses in Germany, as many users StreetPassed with the hacked system. Nintendo Everything is reporting that every single person who received the hacked user’s Mii and attempts to access the Twilight Princess eShop page on the 3DS will be banned from online services.


If you went to the Symphony of the Goddesses and managed to StreetPass this individual, the best course of action would be to delete the Mii from your system. Those who are now banned from online access should contact Nintendo in order to rectify the situation.

There are also some reports being thrown around that those who are banned are being banned for use of flashcards. The situation isn’t completely clear, but the safe bet is to delete the Mii from your Mii Plaza!

If you attended the Symphony in Germany, did you manage to StreetPass this individual?

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    Hopefully Nintendo un-bans those people. If they don’t then this “hacker” will probably be taken to court.

  • Baker1000NxD

    That’s such an unfair thing to do. Of course if you StreetPassed with someone playing that game you’d try and dig into it and find out more. To ban those who were excitedly curious is just daft.

    • Ryan Haynes

      It’s an automated system built to protect against people hacking into the eShop to get the games for free, and access other files they’re not supposed too. Not much Nintendo can do about it but unban those wrongly banned.

  • jksteiner1974

    Banning the users who received the mii seems unfair. I can’t believe that guy did that. Always always always keep your hacked hardware offline.

    • zombiek3nny

      No, they’re banning people who used the link to go to the store page. If you just got the mii but you weren’t stupid enough to fall for it, then you’re safe.

    • Except that he probably was an offline user.

      Streetpass isn’t an ‘online’ function. It’s a peer to peer system that allows Nintendo 3DS systems to interact with each other with out the internet.

      I suppose he could’ve turned off his Streetpass functions, but more likely then not he did this with the purpose of causing a stir and causing trouble. So trying to reason with a person who did this is futile.

  • Thomas Andersen

    I hope we have seen the last remake in a while! Since TP isnt really worthy of a re-make in the same way Oot and MM.. but Im sure it will come. I just hope that the new Zelda for Wii U is the game we will beg for a remake on, in 20years from now!:) Crossing my fingers

    • Morgan

      IMO it needs to be in HD.

  • AsthislainX

    The artwork looks pretty cool for a 3DS game, I would expect to see only Midna’s face or that strage helmet she wears.

  • Ryan Haney

    The only reason to remake Z-TP would be to improve the graphics, since it’s already a great game. The 3DS can’t improve on TP’s graphics, so there’s no point. The game they should remake is Zelda II, and make it where you don’t lose all your experience points and have to start over from square one when you die.

    • Brandon Scott

      I think portability is merit alone for a 3DS port.

      • Myphos

        What, to play it on your couch in another room? The max most people play their 3ds outside of home is probably 10-15 minutes.

        • Delightfully Grimm

          My 3ds goes everywhere with me, and I play it a crap ton. I would definitely pay for Z-TP port to 3ds

          • Joshua Anderson

            I think it needs to be remade for the Wii U not the 3DS. Twilight Princess would look really good on it!

  • blademan729

    They couldn’t even fit tp on a cart anyways the biggest game I know of on cart is ssb4 which is like 2.7 gb tp is over 4GB also to people who are stating the banned users shouldn’t be your right however Nintendo’s systems see it as them who hacked accessing a page that didn’t exist in the eshop a tragedy indeed

    • Feanor

      You’re wrong, the 3DS could easily support TP. Donkey Kong Country 3D, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and Xenoblade Chronicles are all larger. These aren’t the only ones. Xenoblade Chronicles is also extremely close to 4GB. The U could easily do it.

  • Ericzander

    Yo! Banning all users who received it? I don’t know if I believe that. According to GBAtemp people WERE getting banned for playing pirated games without taking the right precautions. However this stopped after people reported the possibility of banning legit users (long story I don’t wanna talk about cuz it’s about piracy and stuff). Nintendo would rather let pirates run free than ban legitimate players. No way they’d do this.

  • Jim Parley

    A Tp remake for the 3DS wouldn’t make sense considering how big the game is, it would be much better suited for the Wii U