If you’re a British Nintendo fan who has yet to purchase The Wind Waker HD, then now may be the opportune time to treat yourself. Not just because the game is simply fantastic and I demand that everyone on the planet play it, but because the Nintendo Official UK Store is now offering a free shirt with the game.

The shirt depicts official Wind Waker artwork of Link leaping into action, with striking art of the Pearls of the Goddesses behind him. The shirt is available in all sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) and can be attained free with either a purchase of a standalone copy of The Wind Waker HD (£49.99, physical or digital), or with The Wind Waker HD Premium Pack bundle (£249.99).


I should point out that £49.99 is a bit of a steep asking price for the game at this point, as you can get the game much cheaper elsewhere — though when you factor in the shirt’s £14.99 value, it takes the sting out of it a little bit. The bundle price of £250 isn’t too shabby. I’d say the best deal on show here is actually the Wind Waker HD official Prima Guide, which nets you an awesome guide book as well as the shirt for just £14.99. Unfortunately (at least at the time of writing), the guide has sold out.

For those who have the game already or for those not willing to take the plunge on those prices, you can of course order the shirt separately.