According to popular gaming journalist Geoff Keighley, the Zelda U presentation at The Game Awards came together rather last minute. American rock band Imagine Dragons showed up about two or three weeks before the presentation, and everyone in Keighley’s camp was pushing to show the new Zelda. Aonuma was thinking about doing something related to Zelda, but Keighley believed this to be an extension of the showing at E3. Little did he know that Aonuma would tape a several-minute video with Miyamoto, including real-time footage of the game in action! Keighley wasn’t aware of the five-minute video until a week before the show.

Seeing as this is the last bit of Zelda we will see for quite a while, do you think it was a wise decision to hold Zelda U back from E3, or should they at least make a showing in ways of a trailer?

  • Thomas Andersen

    If Q4 of 2016 is their Release Window, I think they should stay away from E3 this year! If we get tired of the game(im not talking about us, the avrage Zelda Fan, but the average gamer) soon, it will affect sales a great deal! The hype was real, and taking a break is better than trying to stretch it! Perhaps stretching the rubber band could hold, but it might also snap. And thats not a risk they should take. Either way, the rubber band would be damaged towards the end, so yeah, its a good call! E3 next year it is! This year, lets hope we get some more Star Fox news or something else, something we dont know about yet! 🙂 + there might be news about a new hand held Zelda at this years E3!