It’s finally happened. Eiji Aonuma announced via Miiverse today that there is still more DLC to come this summer. What DLC is it, you ask? Have a look below at his post.


It appears that Hyrule Warriors fans will be receiving Zelda CD-i DLC to enjoy. The characters are throwbacks to the classic Zelda titles which released on the Philips CD-i. What’s interesting about this DLC is that up until now, Aonuma has tried to distance himself (and his company) from these titles. It’s good to finally see an acknowledgement from Aonuma regarding the greatness of Zelda CD-i.


  • Elthalen

    This dlc, sucks, there is no skin for ganon! And i wanted so hard to play Harlequin!

  • Amanda Vanhiel

    At last! It’s a dream come true XD

  • Pj

    April Fools right?

  • Michael Bowerman

    I dunno, it looks pretty legit…

  • Graham

    April fools, I reckon..

  • b
  • GreenLinkMaster

    I pray to all that is good and holy in the sacred realm of Hyrule, in presence of the full triforce itself that this is an April fools joke >.>

  • Ericzander

    In all honesty, I would love this so much. I played those games and for what they were, they honestly weren’t that bad.

  • Draconic

    It’s rather implausible. But mostly, Link’s dialogue isn’t consistent with any of the game’s text boxes, and King Harkinian’s screenshot is just obviously fake.

  • Ryan Haney

    This brings to mind an episode of The Office USA where Michael realizes that Toby is back and says “No! God, no! Nooooo!” Actually, it wouldn’t bother me to have more characters, but I know some Zelda fans would really flip out if this weren’t April Fool’s Day.

  • ich will


  • DimensionalRanger

    If this is real then I’m a skulltula

  • This is the best thing ever! I look forward to playing this amazing DLC! 😛