Koei Tecmo revealed to MCV (The Market for Computer & Video Games) that over the years, sales for the Dynasty Warriors franchise have been in decline. The series, which is 18 years old, has seen eight formal releases and a myriad of special editions and expansion packs.

Hyrule Warriors, it appears, has given the series a much-needed spark. Despite being very “Japanese”, Western audiences have been very receptive to the Dynasty Warriors gameplay. Hyrule Warriors has brought fans to the series who previously wouldn’t even take a second look at playing a game from the Dynasty Warriors franchise.

“So Hyrule Warriors gave the series some freshness.”

“The Dynasty Warriors series is targeted towards the core fans. But we’ve had a few collaborations recently that have given the franchise a second wind because they’ve brought in new fans that hadn’t given Dynasty Warriors a chance.

“So Hyrule Warriors gave the series some freshness. Now our task is to keep the new players happy now that they’ve had a chance to play. But overall with the franchise, we need to keep it fresh, both the Dynasty Warriors and the Samurai Warriors brands.”

Could this mean that, given the game’s success, there may be a Hyrule Warriors sequel in our midst? I certainly hope so, as the original was not only addictive but was packed with so much content, both in-game and through downloadable content!

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