When Majora’s Mask was first released 15 years ago, a lot of us were entranced by all of the mysteries revolving around Termina. We were never given too much information about what’s going on in the story. This left us scratching our heads, an itch that lasted well over a decade for most gamers and now with the release of Majora’s Mask 3D, Aonuma is finally revealing more and more about the game.

In a recent interview by Nintendo Dream, when asked about the origins of Majora’s name, Aonuma stated “Imamura who made the design for Majora’s Mask, invented the word by combining characters from the movie title Jumanji and from his name Imamura”, and added that he thought Majora was a great name, but was unsure about using it as the title for the game.

The topic then moved to the origins of Termina’s name. Aonuma said it comes from the word Terminal meaning a place where people come and go. This came as a surprise to me as I had always thought it came from the word terminate, as it fits well with what the skull kid is trying to do to the land.

He also discusses the similarities between the mask that the Happy Mask Salesman is carrying and the design on the mirror shield. He says “When the Mirror Shield was being designed, we wanted to have some kind of pattern for the reflection. Having said that, it was hard to come up with a pattern for the shield. We clearly couldn’t make it like the shield from Ocarina of Time, as the shape is too detailed and it wouldn’t fit the image of this game. But the Happy Mask Salesman is carrying a mask which has a face of distress, so wouldn’t it be interesting to use that one? Therefore, the Mirror Shield was born from what was previously a mask of Happy Mask Salesman.”

The full interview between Aonuma and Nintendo Dream can be found here. They go on to discuss his favorite scene within the game, similarities between Anju and Cremia, and time travel. What are your thoughts on the interview? Did Aonuma shed light on anything that was puzzling you?

  • Max Nichols

    The link to Nintendo Dream is broken.

  • Ben Bustin

    so…. Jumanji is a Robin Williams film.. he named his daughter Zelda. like what is going on here.

  • Daniel

    Although I like the name Jumanji and the movie as well, I would prefer have never know the word Majora was inspired by it. Majora deserves a better background.

    • Jesse McCarty

      You can read the manga that was released, and make up your own canon. It has a great backstory as well.

      • Daniel

        Thanks for the tip!


    It isn’t really too bad of an origin. I mean, Jumanji was basically a dark mysterious artifact that causes a lot of chaos and harm to the people playing the game, which now makes me think of the children in the moon…Maybe this is the sort of thing that goes on in your head when you put the mask on. It asks you to “play a game”, and if you aren’t strong enough, you become consumed by it

  • Baker1000

    Terminal can also relate to what Skull Kid is trying to do. It can also mean “approaching death” or “fatal”, such as terminal illness. That’s the origin I always thought Termina referred to anyway.