Did you miss out on the Majora’s Mask limited edition of the New Nintendo 3DS XL and don’t want to spend $500 getting one? If so, you’re in luck! DecalGirl has released a decal that covers your New 3DS XL with a replication of the design from the Majora’s Mask version of Nintendo’s newest console. While it’s hard to tell from the picture if the decal has the same glossy finish as its counterpart, although it does come in both a high gloss finish and a matte/satin finish, it is so detailed that I can’t even tell the difference from the real thing, and I own the system!

For $21.99, this is a great way to celebrate Majora’s Mask without having to pay scalpers a ridiculous amount of money for a Zelda-themed New 3DS XL.

  • ThatOneFemaleGamer

    I’ve checked it and it comes in both matte and glossy. Unless you were referring to the glossy-ness/quality.

    • ThatOneFemaleGamer

      Oh and also the fact that the new 3DS XL (or LL) is just a *tiny* bit bigger than the regular 3DS XL, so cases won’t fit on the older (*cries*) 3DS XL.

    • Morgan

      yeah it’s just the fact that the real thing is REALLY glossy. it’s beautiful.

  • Kasparius

    This would just sorely remind me that I don’t have the real deal.

  • Kasparius

    Just put those 22 bucks in savings for when Nintendo reissues them (there’s too much money to be made not too.) or when the craze has died and you can get one second hand for a decent prize.

    • Morgan

      I highly doubt they will, at least not in America. there is a lot of money to be made, but that’s only because of scarcity. I wish they would, I hope they will, but I just don’t see it happening at this point..

      • Kasparius

        I think they will, the same way they’ve been doing with amiibos and the gamecube adapter. In small quantities to keep they hype going.

        • Erik Kek

          Ya but that stuff is not labeled as LE. Hard to find is different then being specifically labeled as LE.

          • Kasparius

            It doesn’t say LE anywhere on the box

        • Morgan

          the GC adapter thing is a mess and the amiibo thing, they’re only restocking Marth, and we don’t even know if it will be the Smash version of Marth. It sucks, but Nintendo isn’t doing well on the re-stocking front.

      • Ima Badlady

        Gotta agree with you on that. There’s always a chance, but considering how well Nintendo responded to the massive pre-order sell outs I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • hxhxj

        right there with you morgan. people swear nintendo will release the special edition system again. i dont see the ocarina of time or ALBW 3ds around anymore. i cant even find the legend of zelda wii u edition online retail store.

  • Brandon Scott

    Its not nearly as pretty as the actual model…. :L

  • Thomas Aguirre

    isn’t that extreme trademark infringement? the design isn’t changed at all.

  • StarkeyGamer

    I would like it better if you could get the design itself with a see-through background, and an option of white or black for the design.

    That way you would be able to put it on any color 3ds you wanted.

    (I would be hoping they put out a purple new 3ds)

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  • Ima Badlady

    Hey as long as Majora graces the top of my DS, I’m ecstatic. Game Stop may have screwed me over with my Majora DS order, but I’m getting what I want one way or another.

  • Guest

    Got my hopes up for nothing.. -Sigh-